People confuse us all the time…

I’m speaking of Angelina Jolie and myself….of course. As I checked out at Wally World, I saw the cover story – “Angelina is pregnant…again!” I just know that friends of mine who go through the check-out lane have to stop a minute and remember which name goes with which face. After all, they’ve said it many a time, “Michelle is pregnant…again!” Alas, this time it is not I that bears glad tidings but that rich, homely chic. One can only hope that her and Brad have read “To Train Up a Child.”

Anyhoo, it has been VERY peculiar, not being pregnant or having a tiny one in my arms by now. Very strange. Some “friends” have likened me to a barn cat due to my predictability – every 2 years, a baby. I use to get the rude questions, “Don’t you know what causes that, yet?” “Aren’t you worried they won’t get the attention they need?” Some are just curious; “Are you done?” “How many are you going to have?” “What does your husband do?” “How old were you when you had your first?” The past year I’ve been getting, “Do you have any news for us?” “Are you expecting, yet?” A friend told me the other day that eventually, one does stop having babies without any external intervention. It really does stop. Most folks decide what size family best suits them, and that’s fine, we’ve just fallen in love with let God do what suits Him and have been abundantly blessed!
If we had done things “my way” (up until I was married, I wanted 2 and no more), we would have never met jolly Jillian with her incredible singing voice, cheerful disposition, peacemaking abilities and the ability to love anyone unconditionally.
Or adventurous, tree-climbing Natalie, another great singer who loves to learn (on


 her own) about and how to do out-of-the-norm things like scuba diving, pirates & ships, and how to play bass. (She also enjoys memorizing useless facts like New Jersey is the biggest exporter of eggplant. That one won us a Papa John’s pizza so it’s no longer useless.)
AND, if we had stopped at 2, we would never have had boys! I could go into describing each of my children but will save it for the book (JK) as this would get very lengthy. You get the idea, though, especially if you know our family. If you know my children, you shudder to think of the world without them! They are incredible people!

And so, that is why I don’t feel at all excited at the possibility that I may be “done,” as it were. I would love to have more. One of
 our answers to “how many are you going to have?” is “We’re collecting the whole set.” It just doesn’t feel like we have the whole set.
What’s not shared is lost,

About zookeeper12

I am the very blessed mother of 12 and wife to Craig. We are God's favorites. Oops. I think that might have been a secret. We have been homeschooling since 1992 and recently received new curriculum in the form of a catering business started in November of 2010. Our newest season of adventure comes with 2 grandbabies and I'm sure God has more in store for us! Oh, and we're all pretty goofy. This blog is pretty random - everything from recipes and organization to spiritual issues and child raising.I might go on an occasional political rant but so many are already doing that, I will try to restrain myself and save it for the "pros." This is also a journal of our adventures as a family. So many folks have asked me to write a book - this is the best I can do and there are enough books on big, homeschooling families. I'm too random for a book anyway. What's not shared is lost. That's why I'm here.

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