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Isaiah -God My Salvation

He had his arm up and elbow out. It was excruciating. For me, not him. Four years ago today, I endured my second most painful childbirth experience because the little guy’s elbow was stuck outward and that pain made for a very emotional birth experience. After our little Isaiah Joseph made entry into the world, my husband and I melted into sobs.

AND, if I had to do it all over again…I would in a heartbeat. Isaiah, as it turns out, is a dynamic personality and we love to chat with him, watch his antics, and we enjoy the anticipation of what he’s going to do next as well as what kind of man he will turn out to be. We’ve known he’s a command man since he was small (see Created To Be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl) and we’re praying for his wife now (she will never be bored).

Isaiah means “God is Salvation” or “God my Salvation” as well as “God is my helper.  As with all of my little ones, God gives me a special lullaby to sing to each of  my babies as I rock them. This is Isaiah’s:

Your name, Isaiah,

God my salvation,

Your name gives hope

To a hopeless world.

Little man, Isaiah,

God is my helper,

Be a help

To a hurting world.

Great man, Isaiah,

Grow strong, be brave.

Be a hero in a desperate world.

Great man, Isaiah,

Grow wise, live God’s Word.

Be a light in a dark, dark world.

Little man, Isaiah,

You are so precious.

Share Jesus’ love

With His precious world.

Happy Birthday to my little man!

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