Do I Hear 5?


After a big housecleaning day yesterday and 4 consecutive nights of inadequate rest, sleeping in a bit this morning was a welcome change. The lack of scheduled events today (for a change) prompted my husband to welcome the morning with a breakfast date for the two of us at Cracker Barrel (nomnom). I don’t usually eat much for breakfast so it wasn’t difficult for me to stuff myself. I’m usually in too big of a hurry for such gluttony. I rather enjoyed it.
To continue with the theme of spontaneity, I asked The Man if we could take a peek at the auction for the Gennett Mansion. Every city has its historic buildings that hold within their walls some of the legacy of that city. For Richmond, the Gennett Mansion is one of those buildings. Richmond is the birthplace of recorded jazz via Gennett Records and so we have The Gennett Mansion. And a beautiful house it is! I have delivered food there before but today, I was able to explore and gawk and wonder what it would have been like to live in such a place and then, who could resist imagining the movie CLUE being filmed here? It has a conservatory, for crying out loud!
I love auctions. I usually hit the restaurant auctions which draws the foodie professionals. This auction had artwork, antiques, furniture, catering equipment & supplies, kitchen goodies, tons of china, flatware, glassware and linens, holiday decorations (especially Christmas), decorative pieces, books, a boy’s bike and even a high chair. SO, combine the variety of items to bid on, the landmark location and the fairly pleasant fall weather and the auction drew a great plethora of hopeful bidders. Some bidders didn’t need hope or luck; they just had money. You dealers know who you are. o.O My favorite part of events like this; meeting friendly, amazing people. Yep, that happened today. Richmond is home to some pretty dang, interesting people.
I don’t score as much as I usually do but I did bring home:

1 brass, steampunkish candle stand $15
2 cross castle-worthy cross candle holders (my living room has been evolving into a castle room of sorts so I
needed these) $7.50
Christmas stocking holders (accompanied by other Christmas goodies but the holders are what we wanted) $4
Stemware & dessert glasses $3
Sherlock Holmes set $15

Not bad. Tag on my Goodwill triumph of a Castle-worthy couch and loveseat that I secured this week and I’m feeling quite pleased with myself and my house is much prettier especially after cleaning all day yesterday! The attainment of pretty couches to replace our dilapidated hand me downs (which we have been grateful for but we wore them out!) prompted us to reclaim the living room. Our whole house has been a wreck since our laundry room leak several months ago so it is refreshing to have a sanctuary, a room uncluttered and pretty. Now, if we can just get the rest of the house done…..
Anyone want to clean it? I’m taking bids.
What’s not shared is lost,


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I am the very blessed mother of 12 and wife to Craig. We are God's favorites. Oops. I think that might have been a secret. We have been homeschooling since 1992 and recently received new curriculum in the form of a catering business started in November of 2010. Our newest season of adventure comes with 2 grandbabies and I'm sure God has more in store for us! Oh, and we're all pretty goofy. This blog is pretty random - everything from recipes and organization to spiritual issues and child raising.I might go on an occasional political rant but so many are already doing that, I will try to restrain myself and save it for the "pros." This is also a journal of our adventures as a family. So many folks have asked me to write a book - this is the best I can do and there are enough books on big, homeschooling families. I'm too random for a book anyway. What's not shared is lost. That's why I'm here.

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