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2 Weeks until Third Day!!!

Moi with Jillian, Natalie & Lenae at a Third Day concert in 2006

Moi with Jillian, Natalie & Lenae at a Third Day concert in 2006

So I posted on Facebook and Twitter that I observed on my calendar that I will be at the Indianapolis Third Day Concert and meeting the band in two weeks! I am SO jazzed. A friend asked how we are able to meet the band. This is the answer we concocted: “My brother’s girlfriend’s sister-in-law’s aunt went to school with Tai Anderson’s brother’s barber’s sister.” The truth is, I am Wired. The whole family is. Meaning Craig bought me a membership to the coolest fan club ever and threw the family in to boot. SO, we get to sign up for any and all Meet and Greets we want to, we get to take advantage of pre-sale tickets, discounts in the Third Day store, etc. The sad thing is I’ve been waiting for years to join and even longer for my own Gomer shirt. Every holiday and birthday: “Mom, what would you like for Christmas?” Answer: “The newest Third Day CD and a Gomer shirt.” “Michelle, what would you like for your birthday?” “The newest Third Day CD and a Gomer shirt.” The wait made me appreciate my lovely orange shirt ever so much, but this is the last year for Wired! I could have been hanging with the band but, NO, we had to be frugal. Okay, I’m being pathetic. Libya is in the midst of mayhem, New Zealand has had an earthquake. I’m whining about Wired ending after this year. Attitude check: check. Grateful for wonderful gift from DH: check. Contentment reinstated: check. Totally ecstatic to be seeing Third Day after going through concert withdrawal the past 2 ½ years: check, check, check!

It’s all good,



Mom Sells Toys on Ebay for punishment! Love it!

And this is being a bad mom why? Very creative!