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Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

Remember me? Have you missed me at all? I’ve missed you bunches!Here’s the dealio: We had to drop Verizon like a lead brick due to  their constantly increasing fees and horrific customer service. Heretofore…we have no internet at home. Additionally,  to replace our connection with clients and the rest of the world, we opted for a smartphone. Yea, I know, we’re catching up with everyone else. Well, the phone I ordered started crashing immediately upon activation. SO, I have been trying to remedy that while getting my geek on to keep the phone breathing until Straight Talk, ATT and ZTE all figure out whose warranty this gadget is covered by…sigh. Moreover, I have been unable to access my Quickbooks files which are “sort of” needed when prepping for your appointment with your accountant for taxes. My laptop had to have surgery so I was without that for a week and just got it back a few days ago. SO, you see, I haven’t been deliberately ignoring you. I have been held hostage by technological difficulties. I have missed you and will figure out how to make our estranged relationship not so strange. Excuse my boohooing. I just want you to understand that if I could be here, I would! Please be patient; wait for me. Nothing but love!

What’s not shared is lost,