Born February 10, 2010
8:25 am
7lb. 13 oz.
20 in. long
Happy birthday to Seth who turns seven today. Mama is having a hard time with this one, folks. The youngest of 12 kids. I was pregnant or nursing for over two decades and this lil guy isn’t a baby anymore. He was born the same year we opened our business (because we are a “special” kind of crazy) and started his life in a commercial kitchen. (Okay, he wasn’t born there but he’s spent a heck of a lot of time there…and loves it!) He is small for his age but his vocabulary is huge, although he still says “OsmOs” for “almost” and “Mousegeeowski” for Mike Wazowski. Some folks are critical of our having a large family; some are simply taken aback but all I have to say is the world is a better place because I was willing to go through labor one more time. God has huge plans for this little guy. He is an absolute delight and ready to take on the world!
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Breakfast & Lunch Menus! Make one time, use over and over and over again…..

The question was put forward on YouTube, “What do you do about breakfast and lunch?” This is what we do. And the weeks we don’t use this system, I kick myself. It works and it’s one, nay, about 14 things a week I don’t have to think about each week.

As promised, PDFs of the Breakfast Lunch Menus rotations. These are not editable. If you want editable (is that a word?) Word Docs so you, too, can copy and paste my/your grocery lists with minimal effort, let me know. I shall add them. Your wish is my command….



Breakfast & Lunch Week 1 – Printable




Breakfast & Lunch Week 2 – Printable





Breakfast & Lunch Week 3



I hope this helps someone out there!

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2017 Focus Word for the Year: Courage

I made another video. Here it is. Wellness Wednesday post on Thursday. It has taken three days so I may just go back to blogging only after this. Now that write that, I’m thinking that sounds like I may need to muster up the courage to “keep on swimming, keep on swimming…..” Sigh….one take was too long and had too many, “and, ums”, another was great until I realized some child had licked his finger and smeared my lens to be…”funny.” (insert grumpy emoji here) and there were other issues. THEN, it took our internet about 12 hours to upload, no joke. Yea….not feeling warm and fuzzy about this YouTube thing right now…

Well, here is, yet another, attempt at YouTube. If nothing else, it has me wanting to blog again. 🙂




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It’s Election Day…. a.k.a Doomsday…

Do we really need another commentary on what the heck is going on in our country this election? I think not. But I felt compelled to share from my soul and convictions my thoughts on the mood of our nation this day. It is with heartfelt passion that I give you….

my TOP MEMES OF ELECTION 2016…. (refill your coffee…this is a TOP THIRTY!)

First, a bonus. Not a meme but a hilarious follow on Twitter and Instagram, Bart Millard of Mercy Me found these lovely photos of our candidates…



30.  Not gonna lie…well, not all of us can get away with it… but this one sums up a lot in a tidy nutshell…meme_1456793391494_32832809_ver1-0_640_480


29.  History in the making….and repeating itself from centuries of failed governments….proof that, no, we will never learn…2016-best-political-memes-hillary

28.  Newsflash, y’all…



27.  Here’s hoping that there will be another election in four years that will allow us, the people, to, ahem, readjust this two-party system…imgur-4cc286


26.  I’ve been saying all along that I’m voting for Pedro…meme-2-298x300


25.  Yes, I have posted the occasional political status but, dang, some of you are hateful….do you know what’s more important than the election? Relationships. And if you “friended” someone on Facebook, it’s because you felt some “friendly” association at the time. Treat people with respect, kindness and charity…people are more likely to listen to your political opinions….just sayin’…


24.  Come on…it’s funny…images-10

23.  My opinions are not based on anyone else’s. Listening to the man, himself, talk..watching him talk….he’s hard to take seriously as a person much less a Presidential candidate… He would be a great voice for a Disney animated classic, though! There’s always a goofy sidekick to the villian of the story that would fit his style nicely…f3a23ec710fba7a190cd643d13624053


22.  ‘Nuff saidaaapres


21.  Preach…12552687_1674858612795943_4030677133605094834_n


20.  Truth…. Question: At what point did it change from being a government of the people and for the people to a people of and for the government? Inquiring minds want to know….11329912_10207142933271002_5008214939989736905_n


19.  Anyone else have indigestion today?11222804_10153464295588908_1295768991627251815_n


18.  Sick, sad but it’s public knowledge, folks. And that Hillary covered for him is appalling. funny-political-memes-bill-clinton-2016


17.  Right?



16.  Can’t breathe… bahahaha!49285910-cached


15.  I still don’t understand how someone who would not have been permitted to even apply for a job at Pizza Hut has been permitted to run for President. i-just-wish-the-fbi-waits-39till-after-the-election-then-at-least-i-was-president-for-a-couple-days-anyway-meme-38234


14.  I don’t look forward to the results later today and I don’t anticipate the political posts will stop anytime soon but this will be nice…dt8h6


13.  Yep…49285910-cached-1


12.  Me….picard-facepalm-who-voting-for


11.  One of my favorites….

10.  I just can’t….trump-combover


9.  What if I take both pills? What will happen?49285910-cached-2


8.  I’m with you, kid…americans-use-facebook-to-tell-them-how-to-vote


7.  I wish I could credit the creative mind behind this…brilliant!000000supercalitrump


6.  Sigh…images-8


5.  No words…fb_img_1474988878022


4.  IKR????!!!!!4335015


3.  I love you, my friends. Play nice…those-stupid-political-guys-need-to-stop-arguing-all-8269-640x640


2.  This would have been my number one pick but found the next one. I want this sign for my yard…2016


  1.  I’ve decided to write in the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man..fb_img_1474419595244

There you have it folks.  The paranoid patriot in me prays that we will still be able to access the internet freely for continued enjoyment of memes…

Knock yourselves out at the polls….literally, if preferred…

P.S. I’m running for President next time…if there is a next time….


Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

Happy 21st Birthday, Benjamin!

I miss having you around, mister. I can’t believe the tot that used to spin as fast as he could in the exersaucer, believed that Santa flew around in a rocket ship throwing out presents, and coined the term “ice pickles” is 21. I’m waiting in anticipation to see what amazing things God has in store for you, young man.

I’m so proud of you and love you! Have a fantabulous day!!


Virtual Homeschool Coop Assignment #2 – How do you handle people discouraging your homeschool?


Assignment #2 for home educators participating in the VHC addresses how we respond to negative folks in regards to our educational choice. DO visit the VHC and see the other responses HERE!


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Virtual Homeschool Coop Introduction

I’m a month behind but, hey, I’m getting there. This is my introduction video for the Virtual Homeschool Coop. Due to incredibly slow internet (and life, in general) it has taken two weeks to edit, and four days  upload, annotate and link up! I am going to have to get up early to take advantage of that unmetered internet….which we have between midnight and 5am. Coffee is my friend…

So…here it is. Apologies for the length. I’m a newbie but I will learn to drink more coffee beforehand, be concise and talk faster. Oh, and not go off on rabbit trails.

Our homeschooling has become so eclectic..it’s an eclectic hodge podge of Charlotte Mason, Notebooking, Robinson’s Independent Learning, Unit Studies, Classical, and fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants. Throw in the catering business as a part of our “vocational curriculum,” and we have a “unique dynamic.” Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


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Getting there….

I catered all by myself today. I went up and down stairs about 24 times so that counts as working out, right?

So…I’ve been working on my youtube channel but have, yet, to post. Besides being exhausted in the evenings, crazy busy the rest of the time, I think I’m a tad nervous about getting those out there.  Okay, maybe more than a tad. Also, I’ve been running into technical difficulties i.e. aggravatingly slow internet. It takes HOURS to upload one video. I could go into town and use wifi but I’m away from the house enough. That’s not a good reason, to me, to have to be away from the house. SO, I think I will be taking advantage of this freak-of-nature transformation that has occurred, that being I’ve become a morning person against my will and natural selection, and arrange my routine so that I upload before 5am when our internet is unmetered and much faster.

That’s it for now. Wish me luck.

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Coming soon…to a blog near you..

My name is Michelle and it’s been three months since my last blog post. Confessions of an intermittent blogger… I have posted about how I procrastinate with posting previously  so that’s all I’ll say about that. o.O I have been encouraged to try vlogging because it does take less time and it does fit with my tendency to talk to myself. It’s a work in progress but I’m working on it! Some folks are interested in our goofy, large family and how we do things as well as our catering business which we blend with homeschooling. Crazy? You betcha!  SO, we do have tales to tell, tips to offer, recipes and adventures to share. I have been intrigued by the homeschooling YouTube community and am going to try a Virtual Homeschool Coop so there will be posts for that, as well. SO, stay tuned! I do miss being here so will be trying a different platform.

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July 4th Conversation


As I was posting the above pic as my FB cover photo for July 4th, I expressed that I feel sad. Elijah, my 16, asked why to which I replied, “America is screwed.” His answer? “It’s your fault.” “Why?” I asked.

“Because you didn’t run for President.”

I volleyed with, “The scary thing is, I could run and I COULD get elected. I could run on ‘I don’t know what the heck I’m doing but it will be better than the future we’re looking at.”

Elijah’s suggested platform: “I’ve got this here Presidency for Dummies book. We’ll all be fine.”

There you have it, folks. I’m announcing my candidacy. Just write me in. I’m running not as an Independent but as an idiot because I don’t want anyone to be under the impression that I have any experience other than, if you consider having 12 kids a community, I am, in fact, a “community organizer.”

Happy 4th of July!

What’s not shared is lost…and I didn’t want to lose this conversation because it made me laugh…..