Our family has embarked on the grand adventure of starting our own catering business and I hope to chronicle our adventures here while sharing recipes, resources, and the things that have touched my life and continue to shape me. Our family is adventure enough, having 12 children and the laundry to make the challenge more interesting plenty to blog about! Tack on the, now, 20 years of homeschooling and we have the makings of a comic book series. Oh, yeah, and I also have a wonderfully nutty husband! He has to be nutty, he’s married to me. (Or he’s nutty because he’s married to me…)  I will gradually graft in the posts from my previous blog but until that monumental task is conquered, my goal is to just stay current! Wish me luck!

  1. 12 children?! God bless you, woman. Thanks for following my blog. It was such an encouragement to stop by hear and check out some of your videos and sweet words. Best of luck as you forge ahead into this wonderful world called blogland. I’ve only been at it four months myself, but I’m loving every minute of it. It allows me to “meet” inspiring women like yourself. Cheers!


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