Daily Archives: March 2, 2011

I Like It Here…

My first blog was on Homeschool Blogger. I hear it’s been improved upon but I’m a scrapbooker at heart and needed to be able to load photos with ease.  So I moved to Blogger. Much better and has served me well but up until recently, we were on dial-up and Blogspot didn’t always load up very quickly, if at all. I didn’t really make my blog known as there was a lot of tweaking I wanted to do but the dial-up and some limitations of Blogger fed my appetite for procrastination. I’ve been wanting to do a hodge podge blog where I can keep my general journaling and photo-posting, share my vast wealth of knowledge on zookeeping,  talk shop with other homeschoolers, chronicle our adventure into the catering business, offer some spiritual introspection with Biblical exploration here and there, AND host a foodie blog all in one place. I guess we could call it a scatter-brained blog but that’s how I roll.  SO, pages I need and flexibility to be creative with layout and so forth. And here I am, giving it another go. I am impressed with what I have found here and the recommendations to set up residence here have convinced me that I will be very comfortable here. I make no claim to being a great writer but I think best through the printed word, written and read, and I need the therapy. Here’s hoping I stay motivated and others might be blessed by my efforts.

Play with your food,




I am pretty sure I’m brain-dead. I stared at the monitor trying to think of some clever title but, alas, I am exhausted and starting to doze off as I type. We had a pretty full day, I must say. We had the Chamber of Commerce lunch order – 8 lunches, and while I was gone, another order came in for 3 more. Then a gal came in for soup. Then we got another call from CVS down the street for another lunch order. Then I had a consultation with a couple from the St. Vincent DePaul Ministry about a Mother’s Day Cheesecake fundraiser. We may be baking up to 100 cheesecakes in May! THAT is what I’m talking about. If that were to happen each day, I might just be able to pay the bills! I could tell it was fulfilling for the gang to have work to do and to be serving others up some yummy goodness that’s appreciated. It’s Wednesday so that means Lenae and Jillian worked at the dance studio. I decided to use the time to work on our upcoming newsletter while Noah worked on school. Jillian has been trying to find an at-home culinary course of study but as suspected, one must spend at least some time at a culinary school to reach the status of chef. We’ll see what College Plus might have to offer.
After a few rounds with the laundry and hanging out with my youngins, my older girls and I headed out to Tim Horton’s to take advantage of the Wi-Fi (and the coffee) to get some work done. The valley we live in is such a drag on our air card, it’s pointless to try to do anything like tutorials, I-tunes, or working on a blog when it’sssssss …..sssssssooooooo……slooooowwwwww. It may as well be dial-up but it’s better than nothing.
What the Fechers ate: Sausage Florentine Pie – sorry you missed it.