Daily Archives: November 2, 2011

Goodbye, Big Blue

Instead of "cheese," I told them to say, "Big Blue." Can you tell?

A family makes a lot of memories in their vehicles. The “Big Blue” packed a lot of miles as we packed a lot of kids and stuff into it. We’ve take family vacations, field trips, trips to Grandparents, wrote birth announcements on the windows, Christmas shopping trips, you name it. Just like you, I’m sure, and if you’re the least bit sentimental, you’ll understand why we wanted pics taken with this van that’s been with us for many years before she was sold.  Craig told the guy who bought it that the Cheerios and crayons on the floor were his, no extra charge. Now I feel tear-eyed because I forgot to take a picture of those….

What's this button do?

Seth will be growing up in another 15-Passenger - The Great White Beast.

I really wish this could be the photo on Isaiah's drivers license...if we ever let him get one.

Farewell, bumper stickers....

Judah saying goodbye in his own goofy way.

Besides the monkeys in the back, you can see 2 girls upside down in the front bench seat. They were just being SO silly!
What’s not shared is lost,