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Cowboys and Aliens ….and God?

A movie review provided by this bewildered movie buff.

I like movies. I watch a lot of them AND I’m also pretty observant so I am not blind to the obvious bias Hollywood and  the media have against conservatism and, especially, Christians. If there’s a Christian in a movie, he or she is usually at least mentally off, the “really” bad guy, or the idiot.

When the preacher-man first made his appearance in Cowboys and Aliens, my first thought was, “Oh, great. Here they go again. This one is the nutcase of the town. He’s probably a mass murderer or the town drunk. Whatever he is, he definitely will not be a good guy.”  Not only is he a good guy, he’s one of the wisest in town, a man of integrity and all-around nice guy. Not only that, the preacher tells the saloon owner that he needs to have faith to which he, Doc, replies, “”God ain’t done much for me.” Now, I know this isn’t exactly doctrinally  sound but it’s not “too” far off base, but the preacher says, “You can’t expect God to do everything. You gotta earn His presence. Then you gotta recognize it, then you gotta act on it.”

Also heard in this flick:

  • “God don’t care who you were, son. Only who you are.”
  • “If there’s such a thing as a soul, this man had a good one. … Please protect it.”
  • “She’s in a better place.”
  •  “Whether you end up in heaven or hell, it’s not God’s plan, it’s your own.”

The movie also includes self-sacrifice, overcoming bigotry, and a boatload of courage. This is by no means a family-friendly, Christian movie (although some parents thought it not a problem to bring their toddlers to the 10 o’clock showing. Good grief).  There’s some language, immodesty, and a whole heck of a lot of violence (a.k.a “action-packed” which is why I chose that movie!) but I didn’t leave thinking, “What did I ever do to them?!” I won’t spoil the movie for you but if you want to know exactly what is in this flick or any other, you can go to Plugged In. Warning – this site tells you what you’re looking for but is a “spoiler site.”  Cowboys and Aliens has some creepy-looking and quite original creatures, ships and I really want a bracelet like that!! Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig went above and beyond to bring life to their characters. I thought the whole cast did an amazing job at making this ridiculous scenario believable for the duration of the movie. It’s well-made and if you can get past that it’s yet, another,  “aliens are here” movie, this is fantastic storytelling! The Cowboys and Aliens site is pretty impressive, too,  and worth a visit.

There ya have it! My movie review.  Enjoy!

What’s not shared is lost,


P.S. I Love You

My older daughters and I watched that movie last night and boo-hooed all over ourselves. It was one of those movies I should have previewed first – when will I learn?- and I wish we had had Guardian installed on our DVD Player – the language really was overkill, as usual in movies. BUT, the movie was otherwise, very well done in that it really tugged at the heartstrings and caused one to hate death the way we should. It was especially touching as a family in our area recently suffered the tragic loss of the husband and father after he fell from a ladder landing on his head. This father of eight died three days later. Yep, death sucks.

Sorry if that word offends but I chose it because “death stinks” isn’t heavy enough or exemplify the disgust I’m feeling so, death sucks. One thing that frustrates me about movies is when they ignore God in situations where even atheists would be forced to at least consider the possibility that God exists whether by pleading for help or yelling in anger to him. (Like Castaway! Any normal person stuck by themselves that long would at some point say, “God, if you’re there…”) P.S. I Love You did not pretend that God doesn’t exist and the main character, Holly, does ask, “Why did God kill my husband?” A valid question and I’m happy they included it among other questions of “Why?” And “why” do people have to die? Sin. Sin sucks, too. I’m sorry I’m not being very ladylike but I’m feeling ticked that MY sin is the reason people die, why I’ll have to die (should the Lord tarry) and why Christ had to die.

I’m also ticked that people choose sin instead of Jesus then whine about how God has been unjust. In a way, they’re right; it was unfair that Jesus had to die when He wasn’t guilty. It was unjust that he was tortured. It was unjust that He had to leave His Heavenly throne at all. But instead of being grateful, most folks are still hurling insults at Him and declaring “there’s more than one way to heaven!” If that were true, Jesus wouldn’t have had to come to die…duh. Many people say, “Why would God condemn the pigmies in Africa just because they didn’t get to hear about Jesus?” It’s not hearing about Jesus that condemns us – it’s our sin. Again, duh. If it was about knowing Christ, He could have stayed in heaven and saved us, and Himself, a lot of headache. IOW, if it was about knowing about Him that condemns us, His coming is what condemned us, not our sin. But, sorry, it’s our sin that does us in! Jesus has given us the way out. Without that, our “Why God?” remains unanswered. But with Jesus, the “Why God?” turns into “I understand….thank You. And, because of Christ, we can see our loved ones again.

“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.”
Acts 4:12

“For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all.”
1 Timothy 2:5, 6

P.S. He loves you.