Daily Archives: April 21, 2009

My Calendar Is Nuts

Last week was nuts. This week is nuts. I am nuts. We are all nuts. It’s not that we fill every minute of our calendar. It’s that when we put something on the calendar, we see how many other items can fit in that slot. It doesn’t necessarily happen because we intend to. It’s that I’m the kind of personality that knows we’ll “figure it out when we get there.” And we always do…out of necessity. Last Wednesday, we had 2 sessions of dentist appointments, 4 girls in the morning, 4 boys in the afternoon, and Corinne, Natalie AND I went to the Richmond Tea party AND Lenae had ballet AND did make up for the Beauty and the Beast dress rehearsal AND did face painting for the Sunrise Center booth at the Home Expo. AND…we lived to tell about it. This week is looking pretty hairy as well but never a dull moment! Lenae and Jillian are doing props for Boxcar Children, Corinne is going to a Caregivers workshop w/ friends on Thursday then spending the night and helping with stripping wallpaper on Friday. Lenae is face painting at a Head Start carnival on Friday, working at Sunrise, zooming to the theatre to do Beauty & the Beast make-up with Jillian. I have a Thomas the Tank Engine cake and a Beauty and the Beast cast party cake to make this weekend, a few of us usher Saturday, and Lenae and Jillian do make-up again. Oh, and we host church on Sunday so we’ll be getting ready for that as well. And, once again, I keep saying we’ll start those 4-H projects next week. I think I started saying that in January.