Daily Archives: April 29, 2009


After the rumble of thunder shook the house, my 3 y.o., Isabelle, came to me to inform me “it is funduhwas outside.” I said, “Funduhwas?” She answered, “Yes, vewy funduhwus.”
Did you see the episode of MASH where Colonel Blake’s wall is missing and Frank Burns has that priceless, hysterical expression of “what the heck is going on? Where’s the wall?” Well, my 2 y.o. had that same expression today as we walked by the window and he noticed the rain for the first time as a 2 year old. I was holding him as we walked by and he grunted “Monk?” Monk is milk and is what he asks for when he wants a drink, even water. I answered, “Water.”

He said, “Wowow.” He stared and stared. SO, we went outside. I had Ben run to get the camera, this was too fun. We stuck our hands out in it then stood out in it. He giggled and blinked up into the rain until the thunder hit. He clung to me and pointed to the door pleading, “Side? Side?
Ease” which is baby-ease for “inside, please.” And I almost missed out on enjoying the rain.

What isn’t shared is lost,